Kate Ferdinand says she ‘doesn’t put pressure’ on herself to exercise after welcoming son Cree

Kate Ferdinand has opened up about her attitudes towards getting back in shape a year after giving birth to her baby boy, Cree.

While the 30 year old is enthusiastic about fitness and likes “working out”, she has said that she doesn’t “feel the need to put loads of pressure” on herself when it comes to exercising after the arrival of her son Cree, who she shares with husband Rio Ferdinand.

After recently celebrating the first birthday of their first child together, the former TOWIE star reflected on how she approaches exercise now and what she enjoys most about it.

“I like going to the gym and I really love walking. Walking really clears my mind,” Kate told The Mirror.

"I love getting out with Cree and the dogs to get fresh air. At the gym, I do a bit of everything.”

The media personality discussed her reluctance to pressure herself into appearing a certain way after giving birth, linking working out to boosting her mental health rather than achieving physical results.

“You do feel pressure naturally, as a lot of people use the phrase “bounce back”, but I didn’t put pressure on myself – I think it’s more in society there’s pressure,” Kate continued.

“I felt quite relaxed. My body has just given me a beautiful baby and I feel much more relaxed, even now.

“I enjoy working out – it clears my mind – but I don’t feel the need to be crazy about it or put loads of pressure on myself, because there are much more important things."

Kate has however applied pressure elsewhere in her life.

“I feel like I put a lot of pressure on myself, I always wanted everything perfect for my husband, my children and myself,” she said.

“But I feel like I’ve started to take that pressure off myself and know that I can’t possibly fit everything into my day and get a good sleep and not be tired.

“So, I feel like I just prioritise things now and know that I can’t do everything every day and that’s fine.”

Still very much a fan of exercise, the reality star gave advice for those returning to their work out regimes in the New Year.

“Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself," she urged. "Sometimes you want to go crazy and go to the gym every day. Just be consistent. Don’t worry what anyone else is doing or feel like you have to.

“Consistency is key. It will be better to go twice a week than go six days a week and then quit after two weeks.”

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