Kate Garraway says she loves husband Derek ‘more’ after health battle

Popular TV presenter Kate Garraway has been open over the past 18 months about her husband Derek Draper’s battle with Covid and in a recent interview she has said she loves him “more” as his battle with the affects of the virus continues.

TheGood Morning Britainstar, 54, has emotionally shared her husband Derek’s, also 54, journey to recovery from contracting Covid back in March 2020.

The couple have been married for 16 years and he was one of the first British celebrities publicly diagnosed as contracting the virus and he endured a series of complications in hospital including damage to his liver, kidneys as well as pancreatic damage. During the long battle, Derek was also put into an induced coma.

Derek is now home with wife Kate and children Darcey, 15, and William, 12, but he remains on a long uncertain road to recovery.

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The journalist and presenter has spoken out again in a recent interview and revealed how she “understands so much more” about him and lovingly reveals she loves him “more” as he continues his recovery.

She told The Telegraph: “Because I feel like I understand so much more about Derek, like I…”

She was asked: “Love him more?”

Kate answered: “Oh God. I didn’t think it was possible, but I really do.”

The morning show host went on to reveal it was the little things she misses most and things that used to “drive her mad”.

She explained: “The way he wouldn’t be able to do anything until he’d had his bath. The way he would sing so loudly in the mornings – and was generally just so loud!”

She went on: “It would drive me mad. And now I would give everything I own to hear him being really loud and shouty and full of opinions, ruffling feathers in the way that he used to.”

Kate recalls asking him why he used to do the things that ruffled feathers.

She said: “I would ask ‘Why did you have to do that?’ And he would reply: ‘Darling, I’m the grit in your oyster.’ Now…”

She sadly added: “Now, I feel I have no ‘grit in my oyster.’”

But the TV favourite followed it up with: “I’ve got my happy ending. I’ve got Derek home.”

Kate was asked if the family had received any counselling during this time as Derek himself is a therapist.

She replied: "I mean I still haven’t really cried, so I don’t feel in the right place to see a therapist yet.”

Kate also offered insight into how the couple’s children were coping with their dad’s health battle.

Kate said: “Darcey and Billy have been so amazing. They’re both processing it all in different ways and they do talk about it with friends. But we’re not getting professional help at the moment.”

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