Katie Price’s toyboy Kris Boyson gets pulled over by police while driving Harvey

Kris Boyson has admitted he got pulled over by police for a suspected road violation while taking his girlfriend Katie Price's son for a drive.

Personal trainer Kris, 30, was in the car with 16-year-old Harvey when he said he was stopped by cops looking at his licence plate.

Taking to Instagram , Kris revealed: "So taking my little mate out on an adventure, cos he loves it in the car, don't you, Harv? And got a little cheeky tug from the old bill.

"Apparently having your name on your numberplate ain't unacceptable, eh Harv?"

"Bloody nightmare," Harvey replied from the passenger seat.

Laughing, Kris said: "Is that what you think it is? A nightmare? It's bonkers, ain't it, Harv?"

"Yeah, babe," the teen boy said.

Strict rules govern the use of personalised number plates, including a ban on altering or rearranging the numbers and letters on a plate to form words, or altering them in a way that makes it hard to read the plate – including using screws or bolts.

Kris' brush with the law comes after Katie Price was banned from driving after being convicted of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

The 40-year-old mum of five was found knickerless in the back seat of her bright pink Range Rover last October, and was found to be over the limit.

Kris, who was in the passenger seat by the time officers found the crashed 4×4, declined to 'grass up' the name of the man who Katie insisted was driving at the time of the crash.

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