Katy Perry Reveals What One Thing She Would Pass On to Her Daughter

Katy Perry is thinking about her daughter.

The 35-year-old “Smile” singer answered fan questions during Nova’s Red Room Live Stream on Tuesday (August 4).

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During the chat, Katy was asked by one fan: “If you could pass on one of your qualities or values to your daughter that she would innately have, like what would it be?”

“Discernment is good, and integrity, and justice – oh my god, justice,” Katy answered.

“Justice is so important for me; if anyone’s not being treated fairly or…I just remember even growing up, I would involve myself as like a mediator in a classroom, I’d be like ‘That’s just not fair!’ but I do know how to play devil’s advocate, so if I were you know in debate now, I would probably have a really good chance at having a good debate. Revenge is not something I’m interested in, but you know… you know what I do? I just cut my energy off from those people. I’m just like ‘I don’t have time. God bless you on your journey.”

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