Kelly Clarkson’s children just interviewed Jason Momoa, and it’s almost too pure

When the Aquaman star appeared on the singer’s chat show this week, he was met by a few pint-sized fans: Kelly Clarkson’s children. The pair had some hard-hitting questions for their movie idol, and the video of their interaction does not disappoint. 

Kelly Clarkson’s kids are aged five and three, which means they’re in peak superhero phase.

Their favourite? Aquaman, the jovial, fish-loving saviour of the world (and its oceans) as portrayed onscreen in the DC Universe by Jason Momoa. “Usually my son, he sits on my bed and goes ‘I’m Aquaman!’” Clarkson said, imitating her three-year-old Remy’s Aquaman play-acting.

The Clarkson brood are such big Aquaman fans that when Momoa recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show the singer brought them out to ask their hero some hard-hitting questions.

At first, Remy and River were too shy to speak directly to Momoa. (Can you blame them? At 193 centimetres tall, he’s a pretty imposing presence. Than again, he was wearing a tonal outfit of lavender trousers and sweatshirt.) But Momoa loves children and soon put the pair at ease. 

River, Clarkson’s five-year-old daughter, began asking Momoa her burning Aquaman-related questions.

“Do you know the Little Mermaid?” she said.

“Ariel?” Momoa responded. “Yes, Ariel’s very sweet, she’s very nice.” He then patted Remy on the head and offered him a little bit of advice. “She’s also a redhead,” Momoa said, as Clarkson laughed. “I’m gonna teach you about redheads some day. They’re very passionate, very passionate people.”

River had another question for Momoa, too. “Where does Aquaman go to the bathroom?” she said.

Momoa thought about it for a second, before casting his arms out wide. “Everywhere!” he said. 

Clarkson thanked Momoa for being such a good sport, especially with super-shy Remy. “She’s the talker and he’s the sensitive one,” she explained.

She also joked that her production team might have had some unrealistic expectations for her children’s talk show hosting abilities. “This is the best part,” she said. “They wrote out cards for [River] and I was like, she’s in kindergarten! She’s learning how to read!”

We think Remy and River did a pretty good job as temporary hosts of The Kelly Clarkson Show and celebrity interviewers extraordinaire. 

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