Kevin Clifton talks ‘ridiculous’ Aljaz Skorjanec suggestion amid snub from BBC producers

Kevin Clifton looks so different in show that lady wanted a refund

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Kevin Clifton, 39, has recalled a time when Aljaz Skorjanec was snubbed by Strictly Come Dancing producers after pitching a “ridiculous” idea ahead of movie week in the competition. The Grimbsy-born dancer revealed how “every year” the Slovenian dance professional would beg producers to let him perform Jurassic Park for movie week, however, the logistics of pulling off the film’s theme of dinosaurs “felt ridiculous”.

Speaking on his self titled podcast, Kevin shared how it is difficult to find well-known films to act out for Strictly’s movie week and sometimes the professionals try to think outside the box.

He said: “Every year, Aljaz used to pitch Jurassic Park, because there’s a brilliant song, it’s a great theme tune, right?

“And I love the theme tune and sometimes they use to play it at competitions as a Rumba.

“So Aljaz was like, ‘The Jurassic Park theme tune, we could do the Rumba’ but every year he would take it to the pitch meeting and the producers would go, ‘So what are you going to do?’ and he would go, ‘Jurassic Park’.

“Then they would ask what he would like to dress his partner, e.g. Daisy Lowe as, and he was like, ‘Dinosaur!’. Then it starts to feel ridiculous.”

Aljaz won the show for the first time with Abbey Clancy in 2013 before being partnered up with supermodel Daisy in 2016.

The pair, unfortunately, did not get to act out scenes from Isla Nubar (where Jurassic Park is set) instead they took viewers to the chimney tops of London for a show-stopping number to Mary Poppins.

Meanwhile, Kevin, who appeared on the show for seven years, stepped down from the programme in 2020 to focus on “other areas” of his career.

However, he still is close to the show that made him a household name and often discusses Strictly week by week on his social media.

Yesterday he defended Olympian Adam Peaty after he was questioned by one Twitter user.

The 26-year-old is currently partnered with Strictly performer Katya Jones, 32, on the dance competition.

During Saturday night’s offering, the Olympic swimmer stepped onto the dancefloor for Movie Week.

The dad-of-one stunned audiences as he turned blue and channelled the 2009 James Cameron film Avatar.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, Kevin responded to a Twitter user who addressed Adam’s alleged “unfair” treatment.

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Ruth Powell wrote: “Kevin do the Pros know at the start of the series what dances they are doing week by week?

“It seems unfair that Adam was doing the Rumba now Argentine Tango after three weeks?

“These dances were always near the end of the series.” (sic)

Kevin confirmed that the contestants are given different types of dances throughout the series.

In view of his 249,000 followers, he replied: “Your usually about two weeks ahead all the time with dances. (sic)

“Tbh [To be honest] there’s no real reason for any dance to be earlier or later in the series.” (sic)

Kevin added: “I always tried to avoid Rumba only because it often makes no impact with audiences. [Argentine Tango] is a crowd pleaser!”

Ruth replied: “Jeez that’s a lot for them all to choreograph!”

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