Khloe Kardashians freaky hands clap back on haters: My hands are beautiful baby

Khloe Kardashian often posts massively edited and Photoshopped photos on her social media. It’s not really news that she looks nothing like that in person, but I guess props to her for Yassifying herself before anyone else even knew what Yassification was. One of the weirdest parts of The Yassificiation of Khloe is that in the process of elongating her body and thinnifying her face, she often “accidentally” makes her hands look completely freaky. I believe that Khloe probably has big hands with long, bony fingers. And then she adds “length” with her ridiculous inch-long claws. But still: some of the “freaky hand” phenomenon is just “Khloe’s Photoshop team being terrible at their jobs.”

Anyway, “Khloe’s freaky hands” have become a major thing online. As soon as Khloe posts any photo of her crazy hands, people have hilarious raw chicken feet photos to post in response. And what happens when she posts photos where her freaky hands are hidden? Well, people go into her comments and note that she’s “hiding her hands.” Khloe sees those comments too:

Let’s give Khloe Kardashian a hand for this clapback. The Internet has been fascinated with the Keeping Up With the Kardashian alum’s hands lately, often sharing close-up photos of her long and slender fingers on social media. So when someone recently poked fun of the way Khloe was posing in a Good American ad, which featured the star’s hands tucked behind her head as she rocked a pair of blue jeans, the former Revenge Body host took to the comments section to shut it down.

“Oh lord, she’s hiding her hands,” the Instagram user wrote, to which Khloe responded, “lol never.”

She added, “My hands are beautiful baby.”

[From E! News]

Is this a situation where Khloe’s gigantor Babdook hands are “clapping back” on their haters? Not really. Everyone still knows that Khloe’s hands are weird. Khloe is just trying to convince us that they’re “beautiful.”

Photos courtesy of Khloe’s social media.

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