Kieran Hayler invites ex Katie Price to his wedding to Michelle Penticost

Kieran Hayler has said that his ex-wife Katie Price is going to be invited to his wedding to Michelle Penticost. 

The 33-year-old former stripper recently proposed to his new love Michelle during a holiday in the Maldives, and has confirmed his ex will be on the guest list for their big day. 

Kieran revealed to New magazine: ‘If she wants to come, she’s welcome to. I still get on with them all, so I’ll extend the invite to them, of course.

‘I’ll send invites to everyone I believe should be welcome.’

Kieran added that as well as the children he shares with Katie, Bunny and Jett Hayler, her other three children – Harvey Price, Junior and Princess Andre – will also be invited to the wedding. 

Katie and Kieran split in 2018 after she found out he had cheated on her with some of her friends, but the pair have maintained a civil relationship as they co-parent their children. 

While Kieran has proposed to Michelle, he is still legally married to Katie, and their divorce proceedings are still underway. 

According to Kieran, the paperwork has been submitted and he and Katie will be officially divorced within 16 weeks, leaving him free to marry again. 

While Katie usually shares custody for Jett and Bunny with Kieran, and Junior and Princess with Peter Andre, it appears they are self-isolating with their dads amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

Katie has been isolatomng with her eldest son, Harvey, who doesn’t have contact with his dad Dwight Yorke. 

Junior had recently revealed he was worried he may have some of the symptoms of coronavirus, coming three days after he and his siblings had visited Katie for Mother’s Day.

Peter had also shared videos of Princess being shocked at the empty shelves in the supermarkets as they shopped for food in the peak of the panic buying the public had been doing to stockpile ahead of lockdown. 

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