Kiernan Shipka & Ross Lynch Tease Sabrina & Harvey’s Relationship In ‘CAOS’ Holiday Episode

When the holiday episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gets here (this week!), Sabrina and Harvey will still be on the rocks.

Speaking to TV Guide, Ross Lynch and Kiernan Shipka spoke about the couple’s troubles that lie ahead in the ep.

“We left off [with] Harvey and Sabrina’s kiss goodbye, so we pick up where that leaves off in their relationship,” Ross shared. “But the episode itself is very, very just twisted Christmas, and it’s awesome.”

Sabrina and Harvey will be hit with a lot of difficult tribulations in the ep.

Kiernan adds that “the holiday special is really wonderful. It’s a really emotional episode and it’s beautiful for the holiday. Obviously, the show wouldn’t be our show without some excitement and some demons, literally.”

“It’s action-packed, and it’s fun, but at the same time there’s a lot of heart and there’s a lot of soul to it,” she continues. “A lot of the relationships develop in it really beautifully. I think it really fuses the witch world and the mortal world in a really lovely way. It’s truly a very, very special episode. I really, really love it.”

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