Kim Cattrall finally appears in And Just Like That but fans spot massive problem

Sarah Jessica Parker attends premiere of ‘And Just Like That’

Kim Cattrall returned as Samantha Jones on HBO’s Sex and the City spinoff series And Just Like That…, finally giving fans the reunion they had been calling for.

However, not all viewers approved of the appearance, as some took to Twitter to express their issue with it – even claiming it felt “forced”.

AnotherBravHoe tweeted: “Samantha feels so forced like Carrie is all casual and natural and you have Samantha loud and it doesn’t fit.”

LindsBravo added: “Whew you could tell Kim Cattrall did this for the fans and the fans only.

“Great acting but also felt forced. I hate that we’ll never see her again on this show,” while Just_games1984 agreed: “It felt very off to me”

However, not everyone reported the same issue, as some online users praised Cattrall for finally returning to the cult TV series.

_jenrobbins penned: “kim cattrall literally came back just to give what the satc/ajlt fans really wants, it’s feels so good to see samantha jones back in our screen even if it is just for a short time. i love this woman so bad she practically raised me #AndJustLikeThat”

Angiecxx added: “I wish she would come back to And Just Like That for good. I love the show but it’s not the same without Samantha.”

Joannehills89 said: “Omg i have missed her so much!!! Its such a shame with all the stuff between her and SJP as her bringing back Samantha Jones woulf have really made the series.” (sic)


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Although Cattrall’s appearance in And Just Like That is about as brief as it gets – as her character makes a quick phone call to her friend Carrie Bradshaw – her payday was anything but small.

Recent reports suggest that the Samantha Jones actor secured a substantial $1 million for a single day’s involvement with the episode, which aired Thursday, August 24.

Cattrall told The View panellists that she wanted to be dressed by designer Patricia Field who worked on Sex and the City but wasn’t hired to dress the stars in the spin-off.

She said: “I just thought, if I’m going to come back, I got to come back with that kind of Samantha style. I got to push it. And we did.”

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