Kim Kardashian West goes viral as she’s slammed for ‘hypocritical’ climate change tweet

Kim Kardashian West has broken the internet yet again, but this time fans are slamming her for her reaction to the bush fires in Australia.

The 39 year old millionaire is being labelled a “hypocrite” for using private jets and not donating money to the climate change cause after she tweeted about climate change.

In reaction to the outcry for help in Australia over the wild fires, Kim retweeted several tweets that were speaking out the tragedy.

She later wrote a tweet of her own, which read: “Climate change is real,” followed by a broken heart and earth emoji.

The tweet evoked a lot of support on Twitter and received more then 30,000 retweets, 205,000 likes with some commenting to praise her tweet.

One wrote: "Kim your activism is outstanding," followed by a heart-eye emoji as another added: "Damn, that's deep".

But, some of Kim Kardashian’s fans replied to her tweet calling for her to stop using private jets and donate to the cause instead.

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One wrote: “Please consider this when you and you're loved ones are flying in and out of cities/countries in private jets like it is nothing… ” [sic]

Another added: “This is exactly why hate rich people who say that they want to help fix climate change. We could put millions, no billions of solar panels in places around the world if these people actually gave up half of their money but oh well money is more important for them.” [sic]

And a third quipped: “just wish we knew someone who had the finances to help”. [sic]

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While another added: “ur entire family has enough money to stop it kimberly lmaoo”.[sic]

And a fifth wrote: “It’s real but not like real enough for anyone ‘important’ to stop living lavish lifestyles that contribute to it”.

As another replied with: “and yet you're still living with such affluent lifestyle?? Hypocrisy at its finest”.[sic]

This comes after Kim Kardashian, who was forced to deny she’s bought her daughter North the shirt John F Kennedy was assassinated in for Christmas, recently praised Greta Thunberg for her work on climate change.

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Speaking the Reuters in October, she said: “She is such an amazing young girl and so brave and courageous to stand up to these grown-ups that can be really scary and for her to be so open and honest is exactly what we need.”

Kim added that if she were to have Greta over for dinner she’d be curious to find out more about her from her parents.

She said: “Did she always have that in her? How do they support her in being who she wants to be knowing that speaking on a big platform invites a lot of different opinions and personalities and how do they manage that?”

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