Kirk Norcross cries as he reflects on dad Mick’s heartbreaking death

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross cried as he opened up about his dad Mick’s death in his first TV appearance since his passing.

The 33 year old, who lost dad Mick to suicide last January, appeared on ITV’s Loose Women to speak about the importance of mental health as part of the show’s Stand By Your Man campaign.

Reflecting on his painful loss and how he felt when he discovered Mick had taken his own life aged 57, Kirk heartbreakingly said he knew that he'd lost him forever.

Kirk explained: "I live next to my father and I was with him the night before. That morning, I was having my breakfast and he came in and does what he normally does – take a little bit off my plate – and he was fine."

"He actually gave me his next business strategy. But that afternoon he killed himself."

The former reality star went on to say he discovered the tragic news of Mick's passing when Mick's partner called him.

Fighting back tears, he continued: "I was indoors having my lunch and I got a call from my dad's partner saying, 'I can't find your dad.' And I do not know why but even though I saw him that morning, I knew what had happened."

As the panel comforted him, a visibly emotional Kirk continued: "I knew what had happened, I don't know why. We knew he was in the house, he'd locked himself in the house, and I smashed through the door."

He then tried to composed himself as he went on: "I found him."

"I got my dad on the floor and I gave him CPR. I tried my best. I knew he was gone, though. I knew the minute I saw him. It was surreal, it was like my life ended but I had so much to do at the same time."

Kirk continued to explain that Mick struggled during the pandemic as he had been locked down for twelve weeks.

He said: "My dad was a host, he wanted to make everyone smile around him. If everyone around him was happy, he was happy."

"I think that's why the lockdowns really affected people that excel when they're around people and [want to] make people smile. To then say, 'You can't go' and 'You've got to stay in this house.'"

Kirk, who said he'd suffered from PTSD since losing his dad, added: "I believe your mind, if you're on your own, is the worst place to be in."

Kirk then urged others to open up to their loved ones about how they feel and emphasised that it would never be seen as a "weakness".

He said: "I really can't stress to people [enough.] You've got to tell people how you feel. You tell people when you're happy, why don't you let people know when they're sad?"

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