Kylie Jenner Names Makeup Colors After Taylor Swift Songs After Big Sis Kim Ends Feud With Singer

The ice really has thawed in the chilly Kar-Jenner vs. Taylor Swift feud. After Kim Kardashian said that it was soooo in the past, Kylie is now naming her lip kit shades after Tay’s song titles.

The Kar-Jenner love towards frenemy Taylor Swift is continuing, as Kylie Jenner has named two of her new Valentine’s lip kit items after the titles of Tay’s songs. Kim Kardashian, 38, declared she was “over” her beef with the singer during a Watch What Happens Live appearance on Jan. 15 and that “I feel like we’ve all moved on.” Then on Jan. 24 Kylie announced via her Instagram stories that her Valentine’s Day 2019 cosmetics collection line will include two lip products named “Story of Us” and “Forever and Always.” The former was the name of a song off Taylor’s 2010 Speak Now album while the latter appeared on her 2008 LP Fearless.

This seems like more than just a coincidence that two of the three brand titles in Kylie’s “Forever Set” are the titles of Taylor’s songs. The matte is called “Built to Last” which isn’t one of Tay’s tunes, while the gloss is “Story of Us” and the lip liner “Forever and Always.” Kylie then modeled the colors them on her wrist in an IG video and wrote “love this nude pink shade.” While it would have been a total shoutout to Taylor had it been bright red, at least this is a beginning.

Kim confused fans on Jan. 11  when the reality star took to her Snapchat to show off her glam look, but in the the background a few bars of Taylor’s hit song “Delicate” could be heard playing. It wasn’t clear at the time if it was shade or a compliment. But when Kim appeared on WWHL and said their feud was over it was quite a surprise. Not only that, when host Andy Cohen asked who she’d rather be stuck in an elevator with and given the choice of enemies Taylor and Drake, Kim was surprisingly quick to answer that she’d choose Taylor.

There may be a more powerful reason behind the Kar-Jenner’s suddenly playing nice with Taylor. The music superstar just changed record labels and is now part of Universal Music. The same company owns the E! network which airs Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Radar reported on Jan. 23 that company high-ups didn’t want two of their top stars going at it and ordered Kim to make peace with the talented singer/songwriter. “Since Taylor signed her new record deal, she is off limits to Kim. Their war of words is over,” the outlet claimed. “Universal owns E! So Kim has to be nice. She was told by the bigwigs,” the source told the site.

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