Lauren Hutton Once Told Naomi Campbell This Secret About Kenya

Naomi Campbell is a supermodel known all around the world for her contributions to society. In addition to being an icon in culture and entertainment, Campbell is also a passionate humanitarian with a focus on uplifting the people of Africa in countries such as Kenya.

Naomi Campbell has worked in Kenya for decades

Campbell’s relationship to the African continent dates back to the early 1990s. She fell in love with the people that she saw and the cultures that she came into contact with, and began to see the ways that they needed help. She shined a light on orphanages in Kenya and Nigeria, and even learned life-changing lessons from Nelson Mandela himself.

Campbell, a British person of Jamaican descent, acknowledged that her roots are in the African continent and that she feels it every time she’s there. 

“I know when I’m there how I feel. This is where I come from,” Campbell said in a 2021 interview with AMAKA Studio. “Through the channels of the slave trades of generations, we end up in different places all over the world, but when you’re there, you know. And that’s the inner peace that I feel: that’s where I come from.”

“I feel very motivated and inspired when I’m in Lagos, when I’m in Joburg, when I’m in Rwanda, [and] Kenya,” she added.

Naomi Campbell has a home in Kenya

One place on the African continent that has Campbell’s heart is the seaside town of Malindi, Kenya. She first fell in love with the crystal-blue ocean and laidback lifestyle in 1999, and now enjoys her custom-built seaside villa on the Indian Ocean.

Campbell gave an exclusive look at her villa in a 2021 interview with Architectural Digest. Local craftsman built many of the objects featured in Campbell’s sprawling property, including long wooden tables and impressive wooden doors.

Lauren Hutton told Naomi Campbell what she thought about Kenya

Campbell first heard about Kenya from her Auntie June, but she revealed to Architectural Digest that it was another famous model who made her interested in Kenya’s beauty: Lauren Hutton.

“The second time I heard about Kenya was from Lauren Hutton, who always said to me when she would go to Kenya to revitalize after working,” Campbell said. “She always said, ‘I would come back with a real smile.’”

“I remember the first time I was coming to Kenya and I said to Lauren, ‘I’m going to Kenya,’” Campbell continued. “She said to me, ‘Look at your smile when you come back from Kenya and you’re going to have a real smile.’ And I so understood what she meant. She’s 100% right.”

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