‘LHH’ Star Sophia Body on Drake’s Diss: ‘He’s Super Corny’

The Canadian rapper shadily replies to a fan who recalls her/his first encounter with the ‘LHH: New York’ star, who previously criticized his OVO fest, back in the day.

AceShowbizDrake reignited beef with “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Sophia Body with his recent comments on her career. The “In My Feelings” hitmaker, whose career has been downplayed by Sophia for years, jumped in the comment section of Tory Lanez‘s “Quarantine Radio” on which Sophia made a brief appearance.

He shadily replied to a fan who recalled her/his first encounter with Sophia back in the day. “we met on the 4 train before in the Bronx you was playing with your laptop… I’m mad you never followed me back on the gram,” the person said.

For some reason, Drake noticed the comment and took no pity towards Sophia in his response. “don’t worry she’ll be there for 20+ more years same seat you’ll catch her one day she ain’t got s**t going,” so the Canadian star wrote.

It didn’t take long before Sophia caught wind of the diss. Going on Instagram Live on Wednesday, April 15, Sophia addressed the shade and called Drake “super corny for that.”

She went on ranting over how Drake seemingly was still so hung up on her, “Like what grown a** multi-millionaire billionaire is gonna keep addressing me? He keeps addressing me! But I’m not doing s**t. If I wasn’t doing s**t you’d forget about me. Right? If I wasn’t doing s**t, one would forget about me, but he’s still ‘@ing’ me. Like I don’t get it.”

During the livestreaming, Sophia admitted that she’s “a nobody compared to Drake.” However, she noted that “this is not the first time he’s acknowledged me” even though “I’ve never said anything bad about him.”

Later, Sophia admitted that she once made a comment on Drake’s OVO fest, saying that it “should be on a different day as the Caribana” festival in Toronto. She elaborated that it would allow people to “have a reason and the will and the want to come to Toronto for more than one event.” Additionally, she criticized that OVO fest “takes away from the authenticity of Caribana, which is facts…but I never said it in a f***ed up way.”

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