Lin-Manuel Miranda Goes Private on Twitter After ‘Hamilton’ Debuts on Disney+

Lin-Manuel Miranda has locked his Twitter account and he’s now private on the social media app.

The 40-year-old actor and composer, who is the star and creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, went private on Twitter sometime on late Friday night (July 3).

The filmed version of Hamilton debuted on Disney+ that day and Lin participated in a live-tweeting party with fans and the rest of the cast from 7pm EST until 10pm EST. Shortly after the tweeting party ended, he locked his account. (Check out an interesting detail about the show that he revealed during the Twitter party)

Lin signed off for the night by saying, “Thank you for tonight. I’m so grateful you just have the whole thing now. With this extraordinary company and crew. It’s yours.”

There’s a lot of speculation happening right now over the reason for Lin going private, but one topic that seems to be trending is how Hamilton is about a group of men that were slave owners. There are some people calling the show racist for glorifying these people in history.

Also, an audio clip is spreading around from when Lin-Manuel provided the voice for the an audio-book and said the N-word as part of the lines.

Read what some fans are saying about Lin locking his account:

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