Liz Hurley wows in bikini pic taken just before injury left her feeling sorry for myself

Liz Hurley says two friends found breast cancer after her campaign

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56-year-old swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley today posted the seemingly ageless photo, depicting her modelling a beige bikini, with a metal chain acting as an accessory between the bra cups, from her own collection. Yet, unbeknownst to Liz, disaster was about to strike in paradise.

Still on crutches and lying on the sofa, eating chocolates and feeling sorry for myself

Liz Hurley

“Got this shot whilst on location filming Christmas in the Caribbean,” she lamented to her 2.2 million followers.

Revealing the timeline, she added: “Just before I sprained my silly ankle.

“Now, still on crutches and lying on the sofa, eating chocolates and feeling sorry for myself.”

For Liz, it might have seemed as though Christmas was cancelled for a second year running – due to coronavirus in 2020, and then owing to her unfortunate injury.

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However, fans responded with a deluge of positive comments to comfort her while she nursed her ankle back to health.

Follower andrewcantle quipped: “If you need some TLC, you only have to ask.”

Meanwhile, jenny_theflower encouraged: “Healing sent with so much love, to the hottest woman alive.”

Others marvelled at how striking her youthful appearance was.

Matt_straker84, almost twenty years her junior, marvelled: “I am pretty sure I used to be younger than you, not sure how this time stream works!”

Guitargentmick concurred: “How is this even possible? Ageless photo.”

Rsox55 was equally complimentary, gushing: “You are like a fine wine.. Aging makes you smooth and nice on the palette.”(sic)

However, others warned of the hard work that it might take for Liz to maintain such a youthful aesthetic at 56.

Liz is currently taking a little time out to recuperate while her limb recovers.

However, the pesky sprain didn’t stop her celebrating the New Year with passion, having posted photos of herself on social media in an eye-catching Superwoman costume for the occasion.

Photos from the night revealed her glamorous get-up, complete with an orthopaedic boot on one foot.

She had appeared to partially straddle a male friend, Henry, while the pair rolled around on the floor, their hands clasped together.

While the internet blew up with rumours that the pair might be dating, both Henry and his estranged wife have firmly denied any suggestion of more than a platonic friendship.

Henry, who wore a Superman costume to match, also cheekily hinted that a lot of alcohol might have been consumed.

He had sheepishly reported that, since the photos emerged, things had “gone a bit pear-shaped”.

However, a cool and calm Liz has ignored the speculation.

A Christmas Day Instagram post also revealed the model looking glamorous in a pink metallic Versace dress and donning a broad smile, suggesting that her injury hasn’t got the better of her.

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