Loose Women’s Kaye Adams forced to miss show due to airport ‘carnage’

Kaye Adams emotionally discusses her Strictly exit

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Yesterday evening, Loose Women star Kaye Adams, 59, took to Twitter to describe the “absolute carnage” that was unfolding at Lisbon Airport. The Strictly Come Dancing contestant had been planning to catch an EasyJet flight earlier that evening, but quickly realised that she would be held up by significant delays. 

At around 5pm yesterday, Kaye tweeted EasyJet for answers, writing: “@easyJet please reply flight EZY2368 Lisbon to Luton now 2.40 hours delayed. Showing 19.00 but one of your staff just told me 23.00. Can’t get any other info. Please advise.” (sic)

Moments later, EasyJet responded: “Hi Kaye, I am sorry to hear that your flight has been delayed. Please check our Flight Tracker to keep up to date with your flight status. Thanks, Tiffany.”

Kaye then replied: “Hi Tiffany, the flight tracker suggests that the flight hasn’t left Luton yet is that your understanding? I have asked your ground  staff here and they say there is no EasyJet representative in all of Portugal. I have tried calling, but I cannot get through to anyone.” (sic)

Soon afterwards, a number of Kaye’s 89,000 Twitter followers weighed in on the situation. 

Ollie told Kaye: “They will never answer with real Info see attached flight is just taking off on the outbound so 3 hours from now you should be taking back off.” (sic)

“According to @easyjet’s tracker it has left yet. Can you see differently? Many thanks for your help,” Kaye responded.

Ollie then sent a screenshot of a different flight from Wizz Air, which was scheduled to depart at 10pm from Lisbon. 

“If it changes to cancelled this is your option are you working tomorrow?” he offered. (sic)

“Thank you so much. Yes supposedly,” Kaye replied gratefully, before checking back in with Tiffany from EasyJet moments later. 

“Hi Tiffany??? Help!!” she tweeted, as fellow traveller Shane commented: “Currently looking at a half ten departure [sad emoji].”

Shane included a screenshot of the departure times and their changes, with the original 4.20pm flight changed to an estimated time of 10.36pm, which would mean its passengers would arrive at 1.11am in London.

“Thanks so much. Really appreciate it,” Kaye told Shane, before EasyJet then finally responded to Kaye’s plea for help. 

The airline messaged: “Hi Kaye. I’ve taken a look into this, and see that this flight is delayed due to bad weather. To stay updated, please check out the link provided above. Thanks, Monrose.”

Kaye replied: “Thank you Monrose could you please get in touch with Lisbon airport and tell them to keep us informed. We have very little battery left on our phones and nowhere to charge so we really need information on the ground.” (sic)

Soon afterwards, another follower named Paul chimed in with a screenshot that showed the flight’s status as “cancelled” and with a new departure time of N/A.

“Looks like it’s cancelled @kayeadams,” Paul lamented, as Kaye replied, “Yup”, with a head exploding emoji.

At this point, Shane jumped back in on the drama, writing: “The other Luton flight tonight is sold out now, but there’s a Gatwick one first thing tomorrow morning if that’s any help.”

“Thanks Shane! I owe you!” Kaye told Shane, as another follower named Gill added: “Only positive is you will be entitled to compo .. think I got @400 when easy jet was delayed that long out of Madrid!! It’s s*** though.” (sic)

“Already been told by @easyjet ‘not their fault’” Kaye replied with a tearful emoji, although Ollie suggested to Kaye that she could still claim money back on her delayed flight. 

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Judith also complained about EasyJet’s response to Kaye, writing: “No information from EasyJet at #LisbonAirport for hours this afternoon. Then chaos with cancelled flight. Then contradictory information on what to do. Not good enough.”

Later that evening, BBC 5 Live presenter Laura McGhie confirmed that she would be stepping in for Kaye today, tweeting: “Well in a change to schedules – I’m in for the legend @kayeadams tomorrow on @BBCRadioScot Mornings. And although I can’t be sure, I’m guessing politics *might* be the phone in. Speak tomorrow folks x.” (sic)

“Thanks Laura,” Kaye replied, before posting a picture of the departures board showing a long list of delayed flights with the latest one cancelled at around 9.30pm and asking: “What do you think my chances are of getting home tonight?” 

Moments later, Kaye posted a video to update her fans on the whole, tiring situation with the caption: “Not the end to a gorgeous few days in Lisbon I was hoping for. I might be eligible for Portuguese residency by the time we leave at this rate.”

In the video, she explained: “It is absolute carnage at Lisbon airport. I have never known anything like it in my life. I mean, the place is just seething with people. We’re bored, nobody’s going anywhere. I fully expect to be staying here on the floor overnight. 

“There is no one here to say what’s happening. People with uniforms just dodge in and out and don’t want to speak to anybody. They just say, ‘Oh go on the website’. I mean, it’s kind of dystopian, really,” she continued. 

“It’s just incredible to think that all these people have paid hundreds of pounds to get somewhere. I know things happen; you have air disruption, weather disruption, technical problems. But to not tell people what’s happening? 

“I mean it’s 8.30 at night. There is no way that board is going to resolve itself. Anyone can say that, but nobody actually comes and tells you that. 

“It’s utterly bonkers and all of these airlines will say ‘please do not abuse our staff’ and I totally agree with that. But then they create situations whereby people are bouncing off the walls. What do they expect?”

“Do a dance for them Kaye. I  hope  you  get a  flight  very  soon,” Carole wrote in response to Kaye’s update, with the former Strictly star replying: “That would clear the departure lounge!”

In a final update at 10.30am this morning, Kaye tweeted: “Finally back in Blighty. Thanks to all the lovely people on Twitter last night who were so helpful.” (sic)

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