Meek Mill Freestyles To Beat Of Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ After They End Feud & It’s Epic

Meek Mill took on Drake’s now infamous diss track about him during an appearance on Hot 97, and it’s the best thing you’ll see all day! He freestyled over ‘Back To Back’ and even made Funk Flex apologize to Drake!

Meek Mill, 31, is on another level. The Philadelphia rapper just took Drake‘s “Back To Back” — the now infamous diss track aimed at him — and owned it during an appearance on Hot 97 with Funk Flex. Meek freestyled over the beat for about three minutes without hesitation, leaving everyone in the radio studio in awe. — Not that anyone has ever questioned his ability to spit bars, but damn, this was good.

Meek visited Flex while doing a promo run for his new album, Championships, and he didn’t leave without getting an apology… for Drake that is. The radio host has been known to fuel the former feud between Drake and Meek, often being a critic of Drizzy, to say the least. “Me and Drake good now, you ‘gon stop getting at Drake?,” Meek said during their conversation. “If you tell me to stop,” Funk replied, before Meek interrupted. “100 percent, yeah, we kicking it every day on the phone. We ain’t just like, fake squash the beef,” Meek explained.

“He did what he needed to do. He held it down,” Meek continued, before Flex buried the hatchet with Drizzy. “Drake, I apologize,” Flex said, before offering to get on the phone with Drizzy to make mends. — And, that’s how the whole freestyle came into play. “I told you what I want,” Meek said when asked what beat he wanted Flex to play. Jump to the 3:53 mark to hear Meek freestyle Drake’s “Back To Back”. Later in the segment, Meek rapped over Clipse and Raekwon.

Meek’s new album, which has been subject to rave reviews (seriously, it’s amazing), features Drizzy on the track “Going Bad“. The collaboration actually marks their second to date, following 2015’s “Rico”. The joint track also comes after a multi-year feud between the two rappers. But, Meek and Drake famously squashed their beef onstage back in September.

While performing in Boston’s TD Garden, the “In My Feelings” rapper, 32, invited Meek onstage to show the world that they finally buried the hatchet. “This really gave me peace of mind tonight,” Drake wrote on Instagram after the show, alongside a photo of them shaking hands. “Healing and moving forward created one of the most electric and gratifying moments of my career,” he continued. “I’m happy that you are home and that we could find our way back to our joint purpose,” Drake added, referencing Meek’s prison sentence. The rapper was released in April, and now he’s been a proponent for criminal justice reform.

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