Michael Sheen says Prince William should be ’embarrassed’

Prince William hands out players their world cup shirts

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The outspoken Welsh actor took aim at the Prince of Wales and questioned if he should hold the title. It comes after the royal visited the England team’s training centre on Monday, where he presented them with their shirts for the World Cup in Qatar.

The 53-year-old dubbed the move as ” entirely inappropriate” as he shared his frustrations on Twitter.

William told the England squad: “We’re all rooting for you” during a surprise visit to their camp.

The Prince of Wales, who is also president of the Football Association, presented the players with their shirts, in an event that was put out by the English FA on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Michael fumed: “He can, of course, support whoever he likes and as Pres of FA his role makes visit understandable – but surely he sees holding the title Prince of Wales at same time is entirely inappropriate?

“Not a shred of embarrassment? Or sensitivity to the problem here? #PrinceofWales.”

The tweet sparked a divide among social media users who took issue with the actor’s message of the royal holding a Welsh title.

Mademoiselle tweeted: “The world understands this conflict, but I think it is appropriate, he is a well-trained military leader, he was born for this position and should be respected as such by everyone, the prince is indeed, an honorable man with so much to give to his people. Give him a chance.”

STC commented: “So the President of the English FA can’t wish good luck to the FA’s representative side for the World’s biggest tournament? Oh dear, that all feels a bit desperate.”

Lord Love Rocket penned: “If that’s all your worried about right now, your doing ok Michael. I mean there is war, cost of living crisis, homelessness, nurses and teachers pay issues, people can’t afford to heat their homes. Surely you can make better use of your platform.”

Sion added: “William is English and should proudly support England. No problem or bitterness with it. I don’t need him supporting Wales out of duty. Let’s drop farce and pretence of title of PoW, allow William to be himself.”

Others agreed with Michael, as MWR said: “I have to say I agree. I’m a fan of his but he can’t be tone deaf in his new role. If he is Prince of Wales he can’t be parading around supporting a rival at world stage competition. It’s embarrassing. Surely someone in his team has given this some thought?”

Neil said: “I would argue that by openly supporting another country, due to play Wales in a competitive match, he has effectively resigned from the position of Prince of Wales.”


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Indy Wales argued: “Evidently the title means nothing to him… & why should it – he’s English.”

During his appearance, William shared his passion for the England squad and said he was also delighted and proud that Wales will be playing on the biggest football stage and is likely to use social media to acknowledge their successes.

During the ceremony, William received an England shirt in return signed by all the players, many of whom he has met before during previous visits to their Staffordshire training ground.

He said: “I’m really just here, to just point out that the rest of the country is behind you – we’re all rooting for you, enjoy it.

“What you and (manager) Gareth (Southgate) have built here is something special, that’s clear to see. Play for each other, support each other, enjoy it, and I’m sure you’ll go far.”

This is not the first time Michael has taken issue with the Royal Family after he took aim at King Charles earlier this year.

In September he questioned what the title of Prince of Wales means to the Royal Family, after the King decided to visit Wales on Owain Glyndŵr Day.

The actor asked whether they realised the King’s visit clashed with the day, which would have been “insensitive to the point of insult”.

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