MIC’s Sophie Habboo accidentally reveals wedding date to Jamie Laing on live TV

Made in Chelsea star Sophie Habboo accidentally revealed the date of her wedding to her fiancé Jamie Laing live on TV on Wednesday.

The 28 year old had appeared on Good Morning Britain with fiancé Jamie, 33, when the slip-up was made.

Sophie and Jamie got engaged at the end of last year and, while they’ve been open about getting on with wedding plans, had made an effort to keep the date of their wedding to themselves — that is, until now.

Sophie made the error as host Richard Madeley asked: “When are you getting married?” to which she responded: “May 19th—” before gasping at her mistake.

Appearing shocked, Jamie, sat beside his fiancée, said: “I can’t believe you’ve…”

“May, next year,” Sophie confirmed again.

Sensing the tension, host Kate Garraway said: “Oh my god, was that a secret?”

“I just outed it! Surprise!” Sophie announced laughing.

Jamie, still astounded, added: “I can’t believe that! We did the podcast, and I said ‘can I say [the date]?’ and she was like ‘if you tell the date of our wedding on the podcast, I’ll never speak to you again’ — We come on live TV you say it!?”

“So I guess the wedding’s off then?” Richard, 66, said. Jamie replied jokingly: “That’s it, we’re done. We’re over!”

The couple recovered from the accidental date reveal as they continued to discuss how wedding plans were going on.

Sophie said: “[Jamie has] definitely become a bit of a ‘Groomzilla’ I would say. I’m a very calm bride, maybe too calm.”

Jamie said the pair are to marry in Spain and discovered an untraditional wedding rule over there after settling on the location.

“The groom can walk down the aisle first,” Jamie said, before sharing: “So I want that moment, when the doors open and everyone gasps, I want that moment for me!” Sophie added: “It’s all about him!”

Jamie previously shared with OK! that he knew he was ready to hang up the single life and settle down after he met his wife-to-be.

"I think everyone has some sort of ideal vision about having kids or getting married one day and I kind of always had that,” Jamie told us in May.

“I think when you find someone that is better than you, that is the person you should definitely marry."

He called himself a “lucky” man, as he added: “People salute me as I walk down the street… they go ‘How?’… Sophie’s just great, I’m very lucky.”


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