Miley Cyrus Shares Love Letter For Husband Liam Hemsworth’s Birthday

Superstar singer Miley Cyrus has posted a romantic birthday message to her newly-wed husband Liam Hemsworth on Instagram.

Cyrus posted the long tribute on Hemsworth’s 29th birthday on Sunday, January 13. “HBD 2 Da Hubz,” the “Wrecking Ball” singer captioned the post.

“L, HBD to my #1 … When we met you were 19, Today, you are 29… I thought I could share some of my favorite things about my favorite dude in honors of this very special day,” her letter starts.

“The way you look at your family,” the singer continued, “Your friends …. At Strangers …. At Life …. The way you look at the ocean and the way you always take your time . The way you go outside when I ask ‘ what’s the weather like?’ instead of checking your phone … The look on your face when you receive good news and how you look AT the bad news.”

“I love how you always try things your way, but are never to proud to ask for help,” Cyrus wrote. “(Yes, I’ve noticed and taken note, I’m a work in progress. The way you paint, the colors you choose.”

“I love your dirty socks on the floor cause that means YOU’RE HOME,” she continued on the second slide of the Instagram post. “I love when you introduce me to a new band, so when you’re away I can listen, and it feels like you’re here.”

“I love laying in bed late at night looking for new recipes,”, “only going to sleep so we can wake up and make breakfast together while having a hot cup of coffee. (also as hot as you are) I love those little lines around your eyes when you laugh or look into the sun… I love the way we speak in our own language. Sometimes with just a look.”

“I’m proud of the person you have become and look forward to all the good we will contribute ToGeThEr in the future . You and Me baby ….. let’s take this dark place head on and shine thru with the light of L.O.V.E. Thank you for giving me that happiest days of my life. Yours Truly , M,” the letter ends.

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