‘Ms. Marvel’ Finale: Series Creator Bisha K. Ali On That Post-Credit Surprise, And What Comes Next

SPOILER ALERT: This post reveals major plot points from the finale of Disney+’s Ms. Marvel.

The Disney+ miniseries Ms. Marvel wrapped up Wednesday with a surprise post-credit scene that while expected was a lot of great fun to see play out.

But before all that, let’s go back to the events of the episode, which saw Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) finally come into her own as the newly minted titular superhero with a fresh new costume and a global community at the ready to protect her from harm.

Becoming a superhero is no easy task, a fact we’re reminded of while watching Kamran (Rish Shah) trying to figure out how his power works much in the same way Kamala does when the show begins. Lucky for him, he has Kamala by his side to guide him even when he becomes volatile after learning his mother, Najma (Nimra Bucha), sacrificed her life so he could fly.

Should he continue the Clandestines’ mission to return to their home? Or will he embrace the present and fight for his place in it with his new gift?

Yes, Ms. Marvel follows the adventures of these seemingly everyday teens whose lives are forever changed when they become super, but the heart of this story is so much more. It’s a story about the great things that arrive in our lives when we embrace our ancestors and their lessons, when we’re true to ourselves above all else, and when we’re fighting for the things that matter most. It’s a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

And there’s also that bonus kick-ass super suit that goes perfectly with the magical bangle that somehow materializes the Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) into your bedroom.

The finale ends with a title card that reads: “Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels.”

Ms. Marvel creator Bisha K. Ali spoke with Deadline about the series that shows girls all over the world, but especially Pakistani and Muslim girls, that they too can do incredible things if they follow their hearts.

DEADLINE: Ms. Marvel did such a nice job of telling this superhero origin story that was equal parts action-packed and heartwarming and culminated in this celebration of representation. How did you approach this as a writer?

BISHA K. ALI: I think from the start that was something that was sitting in my heart, certainly as I went into the project. I had this thing sitting in my heart about what a huge opportunity this is to celebrate us and to show us in our power, to show us in our grace. I say us because this is bigger than Kamala Khan. It’s about being celebrated by our community, being supported and loved by a family, and all those pieces coming together. I think that can be a strength even though historically it’s shown as a weakness in the way our community is represented. Everything was building up to this episode where she could discover who she is on the inside so she could “embiggen,” essentially.

I’ve been looking for a version of us that’s just celebrated, full stop. We say that in the beginning but by the end, it’s not something in your mind— this idea that there are no heroes like this. She is the hero and she is for all of us. That was sitting with us in the writers room the whole time. We wanted this to be big and we wanted this to be celebrated. We wanted to leave everyone wanting more from this kid. The future of the MCU is this kid. We’re so lucky we get to be with her on this journey.

DEADLINE: This could’ve been a show about these teens and their supernatural abilities but it’s more than that. Her connection to her ancestors was her connection to her powers. Why did you choose to tell the story this way?

ALI: It could have been this story about Kamala and her friends hanging out and it could be wonderful, but I’m not the person to write that show. Through the show, we see this emotional maturity that she goes through because of what she learns about herself, and because of the role she plays in her own family. That’s the strength of this character. And I think what really marks her out as an individual in the MCU at large is that she has this whole family who by the end, is literally a part of what she’s wearing. Her father gives her her name and her mother gets her costume.

I’m a big fan of symmetry. In episode 1, we see all those things are in conflict up to the end in episode 6 where these are the foundational pieces of what makes you special, what makes you Ms. Marvel, and what makes you unique in the MCU. So the idea of pushing further into that family piece was so so vital to me personally and for the writers, that we’re delving deeper and deeper into the history of it because we’re looking inwards. I wanted her to understand herself and her own family and fixing what’s been passed down to her through intergenerational trauma. I wanted to show these four generations of women and show that they are her superpower.

DEADLINE: Regarding Kamran, do you think he will continue to attempt to go home or has he found a new one?

ALI: A lot of the story for the Clandestines and the Red Daggers ended up getting truncated, but I hope Marvel decides to run with it going forward. Regarding Kamran, my intention was always that Kamala and her group of friends and the Red Daggers become his community. He and Kareem (Aramis Knight) are Red Dagger. I see [Kareem and Kamran] almost becoming brothers in the future. So he does find a home here. I want to note that this is all Bisha canon and not Marvel so it all could change, but my intention was always that he finds a home here because of Kamala and all the people on the show.

There’s no world that exists for me where Kamran becomes a bad guy. I will not write a young Muslim boy as a bad guy. But that’s not to say somebody else may want to take it in that direction in the future.

DEADLINE: That post-credit scene was such a sweet surprise! Can you confirm if that was actually Carol Danvers we saw or if Kamala somehow transformed into her hero?

ALI: That is Carol Danvers in Kamala’s bedroom. What you’re seeing is exactly what you think you’re seeing. That’s her, there’s no magic there. All I can say beyond that is to enjoy the movie in one year’s time.

DEADLINE: As a fan, what was it like to have Larson in the series?

ALI: I wasn’t there when it was shot but seeing it was incredible! Also, her new suit looks so good with how it coordinates with Kamala. It was delicious! The joy I felt seeing her standing in Kamala’s bedroom I can’t describe. It was perfect. That’s been Kamala’s place for safety and where she expresses herself. So seeing Captain Marvel standing in that space, there’s just so much joy in that scene.

DEADLINE: Is Carol Danvers’ appearance in Kamala’s room connected in any way to Kamala’s DNA mutation?

ALI: It will all be revealed in the movie. I was excited to help set up all these riddles for you guys that will lead into the movie where the story continues.

DEADLINE: What can you say about Kamala’s mutation?

ALI: As Bruno says, there’s a mutation in her DNA. I think the music cues have a lot to tell you about what’s to come. [Note: The music playing during that scene is the theme from the X-Men animated series from the 1990s. Ali would not elaborate further on the connection.]

DEADLINE: What can you share about how those final beats sets up the movie?

ALI: No, not a single thing. What we gave you on the show is all you guys are going to get.

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