Natalia Dyer says she learned a lot working with Frances Conroy

“Stranger Things” star Natalia Dyer says she learned a lot acting alongside Frances Conroy in their new film “Mountain Rest.”

“I remember we’d ride together in the morning on the way to work and just have very normal conversations just getting to know each other a little bit,” Dyer told Page Six on Thursday. “We’d get set and she would transform.”

In Alex O Eaton’s new film, Conroy, 65, plays an aging actress who brings together her estranged daughter and granddaughter, played by Dyer, for a weekend of reconciliation at their family cabin.

“[Conroy’s] a veteran but she’s still so playful in what she brings, at least from what I see, which is very inspiring,” the 21-year-old rising actress said. “It was lovely to see her have such an uninhibited approach to it and very willing to try things and bring a lot of things to the table that weren’t on the page. She was great. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone quite like her.”

Dyer added that Conroy didn’t give her any specific advice, but she would watch and absorb everything she could.

“I’m pretty young and still learning a lot,” she said. “So every time a job comes up it’s always a different experience and it’s always a bit of a different lesson and you gain so much from working with actors like her, actors who’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s like a classroom, which is great.”

“Mountain Rest,” which was written and directed by Alex O Eaton and also stars Kate Lyn Sheil and Shawn Hatosy, is now available to rent or buy on iTunes/Amazon.

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