New to TikTok Marketing? Eight Tips to Get Started

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While TikTok has been around for a few years now, many businesses are just now waking up to its massive potential for marketing to customers. Professionals from seemingly every industry — from home repairs to dermatology — are finding fun and unique ways to leverage the popular platform for both educating their audiences and marketing their businesses.

But if you’re a business leader who is unfamiliar with TikTok or isn’t sure how to get started, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have some expert tips. Below, they share their best advice for getting started on TikTok and how it will help make your business more successful.

Pre-Record and Schedule Content

Consistency is key with TikTok, so one of the best things you can do is to pre-record and schedule great content so there are never any pauses in terms of content uploading. Then, once those are being published, you can repeat the cycle and pre-record more content for when the first round ends. Additionally, you can upload in-the-moment content, so you are never without content on your channel. – Nicole Rodrigues, NRPR Group

Spend Time Researching

Why TikTok? It’s the fastest way to go viral and find the people who are looking for you. What’s the best way to get started? Spend time researching. Find your competitors and other creators or businesses in your space, take notes, develop a strategy and go for it. Once you start, don’t stop! TikTok will continue to be the platform where you can go viral the fastest — until it isn’t. – Jarod Duggins,

Show Your Business’s Human Side

TikTok is truly a game-changer for brands. The ability to reach an audience that is constantly engaging and growing is exciting. One of the big things that separates TikTok from other social media channels is that audiences enjoy seeing all aspects of business. From Q&As to behind-the-scenes looks, a business can truly show its human side. – Eric Mitchell, Eric L Mitchell Media

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Leverage Viral Hashtags

TikTok trending hashtags are important because they help viewers find videos, join groups and start conversations about topics that interest them. There’s no better place to start than with viral hashtags for brands or artists looking to establish themselves at the center of cultural movements and generate significant engagement. – Robbie Murch, BUMP

Work with Influencers First

Getting some brand deals going with major influencers in the initial stages of launching the online presence of a business is vital. It creates brand awareness, which can be crucial to success early on. Make sure to work with an individual whose audience would want to interact with your brand. – Christian Anderson (Trust’N), Lost Boy Entertainment LLC

Follow the Trends

Jump on the trend bandwagon! Your team needs to have their eyes peeled for what is trending on TikTok. It could be new audio, a dance routine, a challenge or even a filter. Pick up a trend and personalize it for your audience. Follow the trend but tweak the content to incorporate your product offerings, and get grooving. This will help you get maximum visibility on TikTok. – Candice Georgiadis, Digital Day

Educate Your Audience

I highly recommend all businesses create a TikTok profile and begin creating unique content. TikTok is an amazing platform that can give businesses massive exposure in a very short period of time without spending a fortune on marketing. Focus on powerful one-minute clips that get to the point while educating the viewers on something specific in your field of business. – Billy Carson, 4BiddenKnowledge Inc.

Fail Fast

The best way to get started is to fail fast. Yes, do your research and understand how to execute on the platform, but also encourage your team to experiment, fail, learn and do it all again. And remember to allow your brand to be expressed in new ways that are relevant to the TikTok audience. The engagement you can ultimately earn is worth the process. – Michael Klein, Trees Corporation

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