Nicola Adam’s partner Ella hits back over lingerie breastfeeding pic

Nicola Adams and Ella Baig reveal baby scan photo

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Nicola Adams’ girlfriend Ella Baig, a lingerie model, recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, but was blasted for an “inappropriate” snap of her breastfeeding while clad in full makeup and a glamorous see-through underwear set, complete with stockings and suspenders. She defended the snap, pointing out that she was sharing the realities of blending her career with rearing a child, and slammed critics, telling them becoming a mother didn’t “extinguish” her right to be sexy.

Why can’t I be sexy while still being a mum?

Ella Baig, girlfriend of Nicola Adams

Nicola, a pro boxer turned Strictly star, donated her egg and had it fertilised using a sperm donor who resembled partner Ella.

39-year-old Nicola has broken records with her championship wins, and is the first LGBT person ever to win a gold Olympic medal for her boxing achievements.

The couple attracted attention for their high-profile relationship, but Ella admitted that she seemed to have “ruffled some feathers” with her latest sexy snap.

“In all honesty, this is the reality of my life.,. why can’t we be sexy while being a mum? Do the two have to be separate?” Ella quizzed.

Yes, I’m feeding my child but that doesn’t then extinguish my sexuality. The two are not interchangeable, they co-exist,” she went on.

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion but we don’t have to agree. Yes, I’m wearing sexy lingerie, but that doesn’t erase everything else about me.”

Ella, whose Instagram profile challenges that she is “unapologetically me”, shared her comments with more than 28,000 followers.

Some fans praised her for “normalising” breast-feeding, but then argued her sexy self-presentation “undermined” her message about the importance of being a mother.

@marie.cassidy.161 bluntly told her: “Nothing more beautiful than a mother feeding her baby but not in that type of pic, sorry.”

Yet Ella wanted to proudly showcase how she juggled two aspects of her lives, and had captioned the post with details of how producing milk was her “superpower”.

“Honestly still find it crazy that my body literally makes milk and my baby lives off it, or for it in his case!” she wrote.

She added that feeding had given her a new perspective about her breasts, which she’d previously seen through a more sexual lens.

“It’s such a wholesome feeling watching my baby feed and how content he is,” she marvelled.

“Now don’t get me wrong, boobs are hot too but just like any other body part they shouldn’t be reduced to only being hot..

“They have purpose and don’t need to be hidden away. On another note, how cute is this [lingerie] set?”

Partner Nicola replied to the post giving her a rating of “100” – but not everyone agreed.

@davidbroughton7 lamented: “When mothers breast feed they normally hold their babies while looking at them thinking how amazing that moment is, how they’ve made such a beautiful human being….but here that’s not happening… why do you have to pose like this with wearing near to nothing?”

However, amid the criticism that her photos were “weird” and “inappropriate”, she did also receive some praise in the Instagram world.

@damianhealey wrote: “When it’s feeding time it’s feeding time no matter what you’re wearing. Plus you do look stunning.”

@_mummyof2beautiful girls added: “People saying it weird, it’s not – breastfeeding is most natural thing in the world.”

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