Niki & Gabi Are Freaking Out Over Their Song ‘R U’ Featured in ‘Life Size 2′!

Niki and Gabi DeMartino got the surprise of a lifetime over the weekend – their song, “R U” was featured in Life-Size 2!

The OG movie, Life-Size, was actually a favorite of the twin sisters, and their dad actually surprised the two with their song’s appearance in the movie, because he knew how excited they would be.

“LITETALLY @tyrabanks I’m dying,” Niki reacted on Twitter. “Life size is @gabcake and I’s favorite movie growing up and it’s playing in the damn sequel. Our dad surprised us… he did the deal for us and I’m speechless. #LifeSize2.”

But then, it got even better – Tyra Banks responded to her freak out!

Check it out below now, and their reactions!

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