‘Not risking it’ Prince Harry’s warning leaves Ricky Wilson on edge after backstage moment

Prince Harry 'warned' Ricky Wilson about sharing selfie

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Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson said he didn’t know if Prince Harry was joking when he made the comment, but has chosen not to post it just in case he was serious. The 43-year-old joked despite the moment being years ago, he didn’t want to risk the chance of getting an MBE in the future.

Recalling the moment, the singer said: “He was backstage at a gig years ago and he come into our portable cabin and we were all very excited, obviously… royalty! I’m a big fan of the royals.

“And I had my picture taken with him and as he was leaving he said, ‘Don’t put that anywhere’.

“I don’t know whether he was joking or not but I’m not going to risk my MBE by putting up a picture.

“So the only people who have that picture are… my mum’s got it under the glass of a coffee table.”

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Ricky insisted he didn’t like the picture anyway as he looked “far too happy to be there”.

He went on to say he thinks the royal must’ve been joking, as he didn’t give a reason. 

The rockstar also discussed the time he first visited Buckingham Palace with Keith Lemon.

“We were very respectful, I remember going in and being in awe,” he said on the royals.

“I love the royal family, I think they’re great.

“I know it’s probably an unpopular to have especially someone with my political leadings, [but] I defy anyone, even the biggest anti-royalists, not to be put in a room with a royal and be dead polite.

“It’s like a default setting, you start bowing and curtseying and you don’t even know why, I like it.”

Ricky also discussed the moment on Virgin Radio last month, alongside Gaby Roslin.

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Giving her opinion on the sticky situation, she said: “I think he wasn’t joking.”

Gaby went on to say she was set to meet Prince Charles on the same day, which prompted the pair to discuss royals’ outfits.

“[Harry] was wearing jeans,” Ricky spilled of their meeting.

His co-star went on to ask: “So today when I meet Prince Charles, face-to-face with him, you want me to find out if he wears jeans?”

Ricky replied: “No, no. Ask him if has ever worn jeans.”

A picture the singer is allowed to share is one of a dog he made out of old phone boxes as part of Three’s latest campaign. The Kaiser Chiefs star got into art during lockdown and has since encouraged others to do the same. 

Ricky and Three UK are inspiring the nation to get creative with their old smartphone boxes this Black Friday.

To see Ricky’s design, with the rest of these amazing paper sculptures in detail and for a chance of winning one, visit @ThreeUK on Instagram.

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