Open Post And Site Note: Hosted By One Million Tons Of GLAMOUR!

You’re either wearing the darkest sunglasses you can find or you turned on the speak feature on your browser, because all that double dose of  rhinestone-encrusted beauty definitely temporarily blinded you. It’s been cloudy in Los Angeles and obviously because the sun was like, “Can’t compete. I’m taking the day off!” But a little more on Dolly Squared in a bit…

If you listen to the Dlisted podcast, then you probably have Chlamydia of the ears, and don’t even think about sending us your doctor bills. You should know to wear ear condoms when listening to my filth. But if you listen to our podcast, then you also learned the exciting and happy news that the population in Canada is about to go from 415 humans (and 71 million moose) to 416 humans (and 71 million moose), because Allison, my partner-in-foolery and the foundation who has been holding up this site for years, is having a baby any second now. And because it’s impossible to write about brain-melting shit like the Harvey Weinstein saga and anything Kanye West says while operating on zero hours of sleep from taking care of a newbie human, she’s going on a leave from the site for a few months. But she’ll be back on the podcast sooner than that. So while Allison is off getting slobbered on, Ben is filling in and will join our weekday group of messes starting on Monday.

And now, I leave you with pictures from Los Angeles premiere of Netflix’s Dumplin‘ of two natural Tennessee blossoms, Dolly Parton and professional Dolly impersonator Jason CoZmo, scorching mortals (like Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald) with their blistering hot organic glamour. Even without a touch of makeup or an ounce of hairspray, they are out-glamour-ing ’em all!


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