'Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison Accused of Trashing RV Rental

Corey Harrison from “Pawn Stars” trashed an RV he rented, essentially wrecking it … that’s what the guy who rented him the RV told police.

Corey rented a 37-foot RV two months ago through RVShare (think Airbnb but for RVs) for a trip to a desert in California. But, what was supposed to be a 3-day rental from October 20-23 turned into a week-long nightmare, so says William Villafana who rented him the RV.

Villafana says he was contacted by Corey’s assistant on the 24th … saying they were involved in an accident and were going to have the RV towed back. The RV didn’t show up until the 26th and Villafana says it was wrecked.

You can see from the pics … the body of the RV is damaged … the awning ripped off. The inside was a mess. Villafana says it was littered with empty bottles and eggs, among other things. He estimates the damages between $20k and $30k.

Villafana claims Harrison refused to pay for the damages … this on top of the extra 3 days the RV was in their possession. The RV owner says as a result of the damage he had to cancel 10 reservations.

Villafana filed a report with the North Las Vegas Police Department, which he says was necessary in order to go after Harrison’s insurance.

A rep for Corey tells TMZ … “Corey rented the RV, the pop outs wouldn’t go back in and it was not driveable. He had it towed back to Las Vegas and had insurance on it.”

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