Peter Andre thanks kind fan who returned stolen items after car was broken into

Peter Andre has publicly thanked a kind-hearted fan who managed to return his stolen belongings after his car was broken into and vandalised.

The theft took place on Tuesday night, 31 May, whilst the Aussie-Greek entertainer was performing in the West End production of Grease at the Dominion Theatre.

Peter discovered his rear window had been smashed and "quite a few things" had been taken. He took to Instagram after the incident to post a video demonstrating the damage.

In the same clip, he explained: "So came out of the venue tonight at Grease and this is what has happened. Someone's smashed it, got all the stuff, thankfully left my child's seat there.

"They've taken quite a few things."

He also took time to apologise to any fans who had hoped to chat to the star outside the theatre.

"I feel really bad because people were coming up, I just couldn't talk to them," he said, before adding: "I told them I had to go because of what's happened."

The video was accompanied by a caption which read: "So this happened last night :(((.

"Sorry to all those that were coming up after the show and I couldn’t really talk and had to go.

"I know things could be a lot worse and there are bigger problems in the world but it’s still sad. And thankfully no one was hurt. Thankfully only material things."

Luckily, just one day later, a gentleman by the name of George was able to return Peter's lost items after finding Peter’s belongings discarded on the floor in a nearby alley.

The former popstar thanked him, saying: "My faith has been restored in human nature. George found some of my things scattered over the floor.

"He got in touch with the contact numbers. I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful."

He patted George on the shoulder, as a second chap named Carl in the background gave him a thumbs up.

"It just goes to show when some people do things that are not very nice, you get some people in this world who are more than kind.”

Peter added: "Please believe that people like George do exist in this world, thank you. Thank you."

Peter also went on to say he has arranged to meet up with George next week to thank him properly for his kindness.

He also thanked a man by the name of Carl but stated that he had "another story coming up" for him.

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