Presenter Simon Reeve shows skills in wildlife photography

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But the adventurer has shown off his own impressive photography skills with a spectacular series of snaps from his latest trip to Kenya. Posing with a camera in hand, it’s no wonder the 50-year-old travel journalist has a beaming smile on his face – some of his photos are breathtaking.

From hunting lions to a cute baby elephant and a haunting silhouette on the savanna, Simon’s lens offers a glimpse into the majesty of African wildlife.

Another image captures a male and female lion baring their razor-sharp teeth during a bust-up.

Simon, a father of one, honed his camera talents under British guide, campaigner and award-winning photographer Paul Goldstein. The star, whose shows include Incredible Journeys, said he has long been eager to get behind the camera.

He added: “I’ve always been keen on taking a snap, but never very good at getting proper photographs I can be proud of.

“I knew I needed to raise my game and improve my photography.”

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