Prince Harry is waiting for an apology he wont get, says expert

A royal expert says it’s “clear” from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix documentary that the 38 year is waiting for an apology from the royal family that he isn’t going to get.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals, says that Harry is going to have to “win back the trust” of The Firm if their strained relationship is ever going to move forward.

She says: “I think every relationship can ultimately be repaired but it’s going to take a lot of time and Harry is going to need to work very hard to win back that trust.

“It’s clear from the documentary Harry is awaiting an apology from the royal family and I don’t think he is going to get an apology.

Ms. Nicholl goes on to say she thinks the only way the couple will heal their rift is if there is an admission of fault on both sides, but the royal family will keep a “dignified silence” for now in public.

“What needs to happen is an admission that there have been faults on both sides and once there has been that admission, that may pave the way for a reconciliation,” says Katie.

“But Charles knows that a monarchy divided is not a monarchy the world wants to see.”

“Harry knows full well William isn’t going to retaliate. I think the palace’s stance of never complain, never explain in this instance is absolutely the right strategy because if they comment they will only fuel the narrative and allow the story more oxygen to run.

“I think by saying nothing it’s a dignified silence.”

Katie, who is Vanity Fair’s Royal Editor, goes on to describe what a detrimental effect the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's words in their docuseries are having.

The documentary has sent shockwaves around the world with its bombshells about the royal family, which includes Harry claiming William “screamed and shouted” at him and Charles lied during a meeting about himself and Meghan wanting to take a step back from royal duties at Sandringham.

Further comments also include the pair saying Harry was “blocked” from seeing his grandmother The Queen and Meghan claiming she “wasn’t allowed” to go anywhere to get help for her suicidal thoughts. "They were worried about how it would look for the institution," she said.

“This goes beyond just point settling. This is about the reputation of the royal family on the international stage and it is damaging it,” she says.

“You’ve got Charles in the early months of his reign and you’ve got a forthcoming coronation and here is a family member who has gone rogue and is putting the spotlight on the institution for all the wrong reasons.

“Who is essentially setting up a rival court in Hollywood which I think is a very real threat to the monarchy.

"Whilst I think in this instance the palace’s lack of response is the right thing, there needs to be a shot across the bow from the palace to Harry and Meghan that this is not going to be tolerated and this has to stop.”


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