Prince William: ‘Discrimination’ is a familiar experience for Black people in 2022

A fashion note about the Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance at the statue-unveiling yesterday. Kate wore a £1,370 Alexander McQueen blazer which was actually a repeat – she wore the blazer during the Flop Tour. During the Flop Tour, she paired the blazer with slim-cut trousers which fell just at her ankle. It was one of her better looks, even though she paired the suit with a peasant-y orange blouse which didn’t really go. All of that means that after Kate saw Meghan wear her crisp, white, wide-legged Valentino suit, Kate went out and got wide-legged trousers to copykeen Meghan. It’s disturbing to see this level of copykeening.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about Will and Kate’s appearance again because William made a speech. This angry, constipated, racist man actually spoke about racism and discrimination.

Applauding the contribution of the British-Caribbean communities on Windrush Day, Prince William said, “My family have been proud to celebrate this for decades — whether that be through support from my father on Windrush Day, or more recently during my grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee, as people from all communities and backgrounds came together to acknowledge all that has changed over the past seventy years and look to the future.”

“This is something that resonated with Catherine and me after our visit to the Caribbean earlier this year,” he continued. “Our trip was an opportunity to reflect, and we learnt so much. Not just about the different issues that matter most to the people of the region, but also how the past weighs heavily on the present.”

Reflecting on his and his wife’s recent visit to the Caribbean, Prince William said it served as an opportunity to “reflect” and “learn” about issues facing black men and women, and “how the past weighs heavily on the present”.

He added: “Sadly, that is also the case for members of the Windrush Generation who were victims of racism when they arrived here, and discrimination remains an all too familiar experience for black men and women in Britain in 2022. Only a matter of years ago, tens of thousands of that Generation were profoundly wronged by the Windrush Scandal. That rightly reverberates throughout the Caribbean community here in the UK as well as many in the Caribbean nations.

“Therefore, alongside celebrating the diverse fabric of our families, our communities and our society as a whole – something the Windrush Generation has contributed so much to – it is also important to acknowledge the ways in which the future they sought and deserved has yet to come to pass.

“Diversity is what makes us strong, and it is what reflects the modern, outward-looking values that are so important to our country.”

“Words cannot make up for the hurt and anguish caused but lessons have been learned,” he said. Many of those who came to Britain found jobs in the National Health Service or with public transportation but were also victims of racism, as Prince William acknowledged.

[From People & STV]

The passive voice here is extraordinary. The Windrush scandal is still ongoing, people are actively being harmed by the British government, people still have not been appropriately compensated for being unlawfully detained, abused and deported. And Willy is all “lessons have been learned, no more questions!” But this is extraordinary too: “…Who were victims of racism when they arrived here, and discrimination remains an all too familiar experience for black men and women in Britain in 2022…” This constipated man said that sh-t with a straight face. He said that after his years of blatantly racist and discriminatory behavior towards his sister-in-law. That being said, it’s not like he wrote that line. It was written for him. He just performed it and had no idea what he was saying.

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