Queen Elizabeth Is Sitting Solo at Prince Philip’s Funeral – See Photos from Inside the Chapel

Queen Elizabeth experienced the emotional funeral of her husband Prince Philip while sitting by herself.

The 94-year-old Queen of England was seen sitting solo in the pews of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday (April 17) in Windsor, England.

The Queen arrived at the funeral in her State Bentley separately from the rest of her family, who walked in a procession behind Philip‘s coffin, which was carried to the chapel in a custom Land Rover vehicle that he helped design.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all members of the royal family who reside in different households were seated in socially distanced areas of the chapel.

“She will have to sit alone because as things stand in this country if you haven’t been in a bubble. which is a self-selecting group of people over the course of lockdown, you can’t come within six feet of them,” NBC News royal contributor Daisy McAndrew said. “So that’s the situation the queen will find herself in today. She’s been in sort of a bubble here at Windsor Castle with 22 members of the household and Prince Philip.”

Only 30 people are attending the funeral service due to COVID-19 restrictions and the guest list had to be cut down from the planned 800 people that would’ve attended in normal times.

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