Reba McEntire Rescued by Ladder After Historic Oklahoma Building Falls Apart Around Her

Country music legend Reba McEntire had to be rescued by a ladder after a historic Oklahoma building fell apart around her.

TMZ reported that McEntire was one of 7 people rescued from the over 100-year-old building when it partially crumbled inside. The rescue took place in Akota, OK where McEntire and an unidentified person were touring a historic site when the situation occurred. The website spoke to Emergency Management Director Travis Mullins, who stated that the building was under renovation and the stairs were set to be replaced. 

The collapse left McEntire, and her party stuck until the town’s firemen could come to their rescue. One person was reportedly transported to a hospital with minor injuries. It was reported later that the second and third story stairs also collapsed.

The country music superstar was reportedly unhurt in the incident. The fire department had to help out those trapped, including McEntire, out a second-story window and down the ladder.

McEntire was reportedly touring the historic building in downtown Atoka on Sept. 15 for a future project, although it was not revealed what that project would be. The singer was with her boyfriend Rex Linn at the time, reported KTEN news anchor Lisanne Anderson in the tweet seen above, where McEntire was seen as she climbed down a ladder to safety.

This story is being updated.

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