Ricky Wilson addresses concerns as he ‘slurs words’ while performing

Ricky Wilson's shout out to vaccines at the Isle of Wight Festival

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Ricky Wilson has revealed he is “doing everything that is necessary” following an eyebrow-raising performance on Saturday night. The singer had been performing with the Kaiser Chiefs when many accused him of being drunk and slurring his words.

Now, the 44-year-old has owned up to consuming too much alcohol during the gig as he apologised to fans.

He said in a statement: “I don’t want to make any lame excuses, I’ve met some challenges in this life I’ve led, and stayed on top of them with the support I’ve always had around me.

“The truth is I made a mistake on Saturday night at the O2, and relied on old drinking habits, it’s a mistake that upset and disappointed many of you, and some of those closest to me.”

Speaking to The Sun, the singer went on to say he took pride in “not letting people down” but failed to do last weekend.

He went on to say he was “doing everything that is necessary for me not to let that happen again and will continue to do so”.

Gig attendee Fran took to Twitter to brand their performance a “s**t show” as she accused Ricky of being “absolutely wasted”.

Karoline questioned Ricky’s alcohol intake as she referred to the show as the “worst gig attended to date”.

Lady Lilith was one of many concerned for Ricky’s wellbeing, as she tweeted: “Yo, @KaiserChiefs any chance we could get some sort of explanation for last night?

“Is @Rickontour okay? Because what in the hell was that?”

Jono commented: “Really sad to see the tweets about the Kaiser Chiefs last night at the O2. Hope Ricky Wilson is OK.”

In 2019, Ricky referred to drinking on tour as a “weird hobby” which took his mind off everything else.

He told The Guardian: “I’d be, like, I’m away for three weeks, I’ll get through this by not really noticing.

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“And as long as I can do my job properly, everything will be all right.”

When asked how bad his drinking habits were, he added: “On a personal level, I think it was bad.

“Enough to want to stop. But in the grand music industry scheme of things? I think I drank less than most people spilled.”

Despite this, he said he wasn’t dependant on alcohol but often hid his drinking as he felt “ashamed”.

The Kaiser Chiefs were formed back in 2003.

In 2014, he joined The Voice as a coach and stayed on the show for two years.

Addressing his exit with Express.co.uk last year, he said: “I thought to myself, I’ll take a year out and then go back but then they never asked me back.

“I was a bit of a wildcard when I did it, no one expected me to do something like that.”

He added: “I’m just waiting for someone to drop out so I can march into ITV and say, ‘Stick me back on’.”

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