Rihanna just opened up about life as a new mother – and it’s got us in our feels

While promoting her Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4, the mogul discussed motherhood, the Super Bowl halftime show and why she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky have kept their son’s identity private.

When Rihanna announced her pregnancy in January, the superstar truly broke the internet.

Many (including me) were excited to see the mogul navigate this next phase in her life as she began her journey into motherhood – and now the star is opening up about it.

While promoting her Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4, Rihanna spoke to the media about life since giving birth to her son in May and why her schedule (alongside that of her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky) has prevented her from sharing their baby boy’s name.

“We just didn’t get around to it yet, really. We’ve just been living,” she told Associated Press. “But I guess there’s a certain freedom that comes with kind of just like getting it out there.”

When asked about what has surprised her the most about being a parent, the beauty mogul said that it’s been “trippy as hell”.

“The beginning, it’s like you’re tripping [on] acid every day. It’s wild, trippy as hell,” she told Access, reflecting on how can hormones have an effect on a woman’s body after giving birth.

She also discussed her disbelief about now having a child. “You look at him and he’s yours, but he’s a stranger and he’s new,” she said.

“You’re learning him as he’s learning you and learning the world. It’s an amazing experience,” she said.

“When he looks at me at my eyes, my whole soul is like … I can’t tell if it’s cold or hot. It’s just like dropping, amazing.”

Rihanna also shared that she’s noticed similarities between herself and her mother, Monica Braithwaite, since having a baby of her own.

“It is weird,” she told E! News. “Even the little things that annoy me about her, I do it. I literally make all of the same faces. I say the same things. I clear my throat the same way. I move my mouth the same way.”

“I either never noticed it or it never happened until I had a baby,” she added.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4 will be available on Amazon Prime Video from Wednesday.

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