Rita’s Ora’s mum reveals she’s ‘heading to the NHS frontline’ to help tackle coronavirus pandemic

Rita Ora’s mum Vera Sahatciu has announced she is heading to the NHS front line to assist doctors and nurses in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

The 29 year old singer’s mother works as a psychiatrist with the NHS, but has shared her decision to help with the response to the pandemic as it continues to spread across the UK.

Speaking in a video shared on her private Instagram page, Vera, 56, explained the reasons behind her decision and pleaded with people to stay at home.

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In the clip, the psychiatrist smiled as she held up her NHS card and said: “My name is Vera Ora and I'm a psychiatrist.

“I'm going back to work tomorrow – I work with mental health patients, however, due to the pressure on the NHS I will be asked to go to the frontline to help with A&E and other departments.

“It's a very dangerous time and not everyone is being safe and staying at home and we are becoming overwhelmed with patients coming through and putting everyone at risk.”

She added: “Please stay at home and follow the guidelines so I can help, and everyone else can help you be safe. Love you all.”

Vera’s post was re-posted by her daughter Rita, who shared her pride over her mum on her Instagram story.

As the Girls singer shared a screen shot of her mother’s post she wrote on top: “Your so brave so lucky to call you my mother please protect our nhs drs”. [sic]

Just one day before, Rita shared a video of herself creating a painting for her mum for Mother’s Day.

Speaking in the clip, the 29 year old explained to her 16.1million followers: “I wanted to draw something for her. As you know – or don’t know – I’m not the best drawer in the world, but I am a fan of art.”

She then filmed herself painting and drawing the piece of art for her mum while speaking to her followers.

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Then, once the piece was complete, Rita held up the homemade art work and said: “So it’s me and my mum. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Writing in the caption Rita added: “Happy Mother’s Day @veraora, here’s a tutorial I did for the painting I made for you [red heart emoji]

“thanks for all the amazing work you and all the #NHS doctors and nurses and medical staff are doing in this hard time!!! We love you and appreciate you!!! So proud of you!!!” [sic]

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