Royal Security Made Meghan Markle Remove Her 'Suits' Engagement Ring While She Was Dating Prince Harry

Before she became a casual duchess and moved to ye olde England, Meghan Markle was working on her hit EMMY DESERVING HOW DARE YOU show and fully dating Prince Harry. Life was casual! And then their relationship ~leaked~, everyone became obsessed, and palace officials stepped TF up and sent a security detail over to Toronto.

But here’s the thing: Meghan’s character on Suits was recently engaged, meaning she was rocking a giant diamond ring on set. And the palace was so paranoid that paparazzi would see it (and presumably assume she and Harry had made things official), that they made her take it off every time she stepped out of a car—at least according to her co-star, Wendell Pierce.

“One time we were in a scene before [Meghan and Harry] got engaged where she was engaged to Mike [Patrick J. Adams] on the show and they said, ‘Wait, don’t get out the car,'” Wendell told KTLA 5 Morning News. “They said, ‘Give us the ring because there’s paparazzi down the street and a photo would go out with the ring.'”

Wow, sounds…deeply awkward! But Meghan and Harry ended up getting engaged so everything worked out in the most non-awkward way possible. Also, LOL @ this quote about security on the Suits set: “One day on the set there was the MI-5 guy. I was like, ‘Oh, this must be serious. They sent someone over.’”

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