Russell Westbrook Hilariously Stopped From Blowing Out Bday Candles, COVID, Bro!

Ya can’t be too cautious about COVID-19, even on your birthday … and Anthony Davis had to remind Russell Westbrook that right before he almost blew all over his cake on Friday … and the moment is hilarious!!

Brodie celebrated turning the big 3-3 at Lakers practice … getting surprised with a delicious-looking cake in front of all his teammates right inside the gym.

Russ’ teammates decided to have a little fun at his expense on his cake day … ’cause as he went to go straight into blowing out his candles, he was abruptly stopped by AD.

“Whoa, whoa,” Davis said. “COVID, COVID!!”

Russ was so damn excited to get right into the cake, he forgot all about the guys having to be extra safe … so AD gets MVP for the day.

At first, Russ looked confused as to why everyone was tellin’ him to pump the brakes … but once he realized they were just giving him a hard time, he was able to crack a smile and laugh.

Worth noting — the whole Lakers roster is fully vaxxed … but hey, breakthrough cases happen!!

In the end, Westbrook used a much safer “backhand blowout” technique to extinguish his candles … and the Lakers celebrated the California native.

Happy birthday, Russ!!!

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