Russell Wilson Says He Wants More Kids, and Ciara Is Not Having It

Ciara and Russell Wilson are enjoying quality time together with their newborn son, Win Harrison Wilson, who was born earlier this summer. Still, Wilson is already looking to the future.

In a video posted to Instagram, Wilson dotes over little Win, while Ciara works the camera behind the scenes.

“He’s so precious,” says Ciara. “Gosh, he’s so beautiful.”

After cooing over their baby, Wilson looks at Ciara and says, “We’re going to have more of these little things.”

“Okay, sit down,” Ciara replies instantly. “I’m gonna stop the video right now.”

Ciara also recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how they chose their baby’s name. “That is Daddy. I give credit to Dad. Oh my gosh, I’m gonna get emotional,” she told the outlet. “The hormones, I will tell every pregnant mom, they’re real, OK? They don’t stop. Even when you have the baby, and you’re just fresh out, it happens. But they’re good tears, praise the Lord.

“Russell would always be like, ‘Here’s Win shortstop,’ he like, plays a whole thing out. And then obviously, Harrison, it was his dad’s first name, which is really sweet and precious,” she continued. “There was a lot of love and thought put into it. Russ, we would talk about names, and Russ kind of always had this name Win in the rotation, years ago, before we knew we were having a girl. He had all the good names and Win won. So Win is the name and he’s so cute, he’s so precious.”

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