Ryan Reynolds Dishes On His Hot Sex Life With Wife Blake Lively: ‘It’s A Mercenary Job’

Ryan Reynolds’ deadpan humor applies to intimate details too, like what he and Blake Lively do behind closed doors! The ‘Deadpool’ actor even joked about having a third baby during his chat on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Ryan Reynolds, 42, doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to the birds and the bees chat. During his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired on Dec. 5, he chatted about his two daughters Inez, 2, and James, 3, with wife Blake Lively, 31, and revealed where the youngest came from. “That happened from sex,” he explained to Ellen DeGeneres, dispelling any rumors about courier storks. Ellen picked up on Ryan’s serious tone, so she asked, “So you’ve only had sex the twice?” This is the star of Deadpool we’re talking about, so of course, he didn’t drop the joke.

“Just the two times, yeah,” Ryan replied. And that’s when he dished on even more NSFW details…well, your job probably won’t condemn you for reading this, even if your office has an open floor plan. “It’s a mercenary job. It’s just clinical,” the actor said. Suddenly, the topic of future baby plans came up! “Hoping for a third soon,” Ryan told Ellen, but was the king of sarcasm being serious? Watch the rest of the clip below to find out!

Even if Ryan describes his sex life as a “mercenary” duty, we’ll lap up any details we can get. We’re more used to seeing Ryan and Blake troll one another! He once (jokingly) accused the A Simple Favor actress of having sex with 20 ghosts. That followed up the time he commented “He seems nice” under a picture of Thomas ‘The Boxer’ Canestraro laying with his naked legs around Blake. And those are just the most recent incidents we’ve reported on — their trolling timeline goes way back.

Ryan also revealed the philanthropic reason he’s excited for the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, called Once Upon a Deadpool, which is set to be released on Dec. 21, according to Forbes. “Not only is it an incredibly entertaining movie, but it’s for a great cause,” he explained, referring to how the project is “associating” with the nonprofit Fudge Cancer. But the father of two had another reason for being thrilled that a tamer version of the Marvel movie is hitting shelves. He wants a movie that’s actually “entertaining” for parents, explaining, “I have seen Frozen with my daughters so, so many times and people don’t know this, but if you play Frozen backwards it’s actually a shot for shot remake of The Exorcist.”

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