Sharon Osbourne Opens Up about 'Horrendous' Facelift and Ketamine Therapy

Sharon Osbourne has had a year of ups and downs … opening up about a ‘horrendous’ facelift that left her looking like a “f***** Cyclops” and why she went to an unconventional form of therapy.

The former ‘The Talk’ host talked a lot about her recent plastic surgery in an interview with The Sunday Times … “I had a full facelift done in October and I looked like one of those f***** mummies that they wrap”.

She wasn’t done … “It was horrendous I’m, like, you’ve got to be f***** joking. One eye was different to the other. I looked like a f***** Cyclops. I’m, like, “All I need is a hunchback.”

Sharon says she wasn’t the only one who was upset … her hubby, Ozzy Osbourne, agreed and even offered to pay to fix it, no matter the price.

Now, months after the surgery, she says she’s finally growing into her face. But, Sharon has had other things to worry about this past year.

As you know, Sharon left “The Talk” after defending her friend Piers Morgan who attacked Meghan Markle on his show. When we asked her about a possible return to the show, she sad … “I would never go back to that show because CBS sucks big time d**k.”

She says the firing took its toll …, leading her to undergo months of Ketamine therapy — which employs a drug to induce dissociative anesthesia, sedation, and amnesia.

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