Sleep is the best present Jackie Goldschneider’s ever received

Give “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Jackie Goldschneider some quality R&R time for Hanukkah.

“The best holiday gift I’ve ever received was when my kids were really little and my husband planned a night away doing all the things I loved,” she told Page Six. “The movies, day drinking, shopping and a beautiful hotel room. It was perfect. Sleep may have been my favorite part.”

Jackie, 42, is married to Evan Goldschneider. They are parents to two sets of twins, 10-year-olds Adin and Jonas and 7-year-olds Alexis and Hudson. She revealed on a recent episode of the show that both sets of twins were conceived via IVF.

While she didn’t say what Evan was gifting her this year, she did tell us what she hopes to open after lighting the menorah.

“My friend who designs jewelry is making a bracelet that says ‘F–k Off’ in diamonds in the middle,” she said. “I want my husband to buy it for me. I’ve been dropping mad hints!”

She also told us that some of her favorite holiday memories involve traditional Jewish food.

“As a kid, I would fry latkes with my mom during Hanukkah, and all my grandparents would come over,” she said. “The house always smelled the same. The thought of it brings back the best memories.”

But don’t expect her to cook potatoes any other way.

“Someone once got me a mashed potato maker. Like a device for making mashed potatoes by hand,” she said. “Clearly they don’t know me!”

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