Supreme Court Backs Trump’s Hateful Transgender Military Ban!

Donald Trump has made some horrible decisions as president, but… OK, no, we could stop there. LOLz!

But seriously, banning trans people from serving in the military has got to be one of the most inane. We mean, why would anyone want to STOP people who want to serve their country? We spend so much on defense, why wouldn’t we want passionate soldiers?? Can’t we all agree on that??

However, thanks to evil Mitch McConnell blocking Obama from appointing a Supreme Court justice for a year, Trump has gotten to appoint TWO. And we’re finally seeing the fallout from that.

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After Trump announced his transgender military ban on Twitter out of nowhere, without consulting with the Pentagon, a lawsuit prompted multiple federal judges to block the ban from going into effect.

According to The New York Times report, John RobertsClarence ThomasSamuel Alito, and Trump’s picks Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh made the vote 5-4 on Tuesday to stay the injunctions, meaning the ban could go into effect even while cases challenging its legality move forward.

Because that makes sense. “We’re not sure if this is discrimination or not, better let it happen while we figure that out?” Ugh.


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