Susanna Reid: ‘I can’t do this’ GMB star in frank admission about Piers Morgan

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 48, said she had in fact ditched alcohol before she started working with Piers Morgan, 54. “When Piers Morgan joined Good Morning Britain in 2015, I’d been teetotal for seven months,” she told the latest issue of Prima Magazine. “Believe it or not, he drove me to the booze again!” Susanna Reid went on to explain how she couldn’t face work each day during the start of their working relationship.

At 6.01am every morning, I would think, ‘I can’t do this’

Susanna Reid

“At 6.01am every morning, I would think, ‘I can’t do this,’” she told the publication.

“He’s not afraid to say the most personal and provocative things, which I found infuriating.

“I tried ignoring it at first, before realising he was determined to prod and poke me until I was forced to have an opinion on something,” the GMB favourite added.

“He now says he’s trained out of me the BBC neutrality that I carried with me for the first 20 years of my career — he’s right.

“Actually, it’s turned out to be a good thing,” Susanna added.

In 2014, the former BBC Breakfast presenter made the move from the BBC to ITV in order to join the line-up on Good Morning Britain.

The following year, Piers signed up to the programme, initially hosting alongside Susanna three days a week.

Last month, Susanna Reid addressed the possibility of Piers Morgan leaving GMB.

During an interview with British GQ, she was asked what would happen if the sharp-tongued presenter ever left.

“There is only one Piers Morgan,” she replied. “But no one is completely irreplaceable, no matter who they are.”

However, neither of the GMB staples appear likely to leave any time soon, both looking firmly settled in their roles.

Susanna Reid: GMB star was interviewed by Prima Magazine [PRIMA • LIZ MCAULAY]

Meanwhile, Susanna also revealed why she opposes Piers in many debates on the programme.

“Critics say I take the opposite side just to wind him up,” she told the publication. “It’s not true, I take the opposite side because I don’t agree.

“I also feel a responsibility to speak out for those who aren’t in the studio to defend themselves against his obnoxious rants.

“I don’t agree he should be left to chew these people up and spit them out like one of his rare steaks,” she explained.

“Piers needs to be held to account for what he says.”

The full interview appears in the June issue of Prima, on 2nd May.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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