T.I. Implores Fans to Keep Staying Home After Georgia Gov. Lifts Orders

The ‘T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle’ star begs people in Georgia not to go outside as he makes his opinion on Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen non-essential businesses be known.

AceShowbizT.I. clearly has no plan to go outside despite Georgia Governor Brian Kemp lifting the stay-at-home and social-distancing orders. The Atlanta-born star has taken to his Instagram page to beg his fans and people in his home state to continue self-isolating themselves amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as he made his stance on the governor’s controversial decision be known.

On Tuesday, April 21, a day after Governor Kemp announced his decision to reopen non-essential businesses at a press conference, T.I. posted, “Dear Georgia, IDGAFWKSYBSYBAITMFH.” The acronym likely stood for “I don’t give a f**k what Kemp says, you best sit your black a** in the motherf**king house.”

The rapper-turned-reality TV star continued to stress the need for an extended period of quarantine as he shared a meme which tells Atlanta residences to follow their “momma’s” order to stay at home despite Georgia’s “daddy” permission to “go outside and play.” He showed his approval as he wrote in the caption, “Straight Like That‼️”

Agreeing with him, one of his followers wrote in the comment section, “Preach!!!! They trying to kill our people. Smh.” Another simply commented, “Facts.” A third user weighed in on Governor Kemp’s decision, “damn I’m still shocked they opening up stores and etc.”

T.I. isn’t the only celebrity who has spoken up against the decision to reopen non-essential businesses, like gyms, barbers, hairdressers, nail salons and more, on Friday, April 24. Responding to the announcement, part-time Atlanta residence Cardi B shared similar advice, “I just want to let people DONT GO AROUND YOUR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS! Once there sick and in the hospital wit covid you won’t be able to see how and what they treating them with. They will literally have them die slow !”

She continued, “They are not nurturing covid patience with the proper foods ,tea to boost their immunes.STRAIGHT MEDICATION !Your parents , grandparents or YOU will most likely pass by yourself in a cold hospital with no physical contact with your love ones.” She signed it off with a strong message about keeping people safe as writing, “HEALTH OVER CAPITALISM!”

Georgia has more than 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 800 coronavirus-related deaths. In announcing the decision, governor Brian Kemp admitted the reopening of his state’s economy would lead to more people getting sick. The Republican politician stated, “When we have more people moving around, we’re probably going to see our cases continue to go up, but we’re a lot better prepared for that now than we were over a month ago.”

Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, on the other hand, has sounded off her disagreement on the decision.

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