T-Pain Blames Nurse After His 97-Year-Old Grandma Tested Positive for COVID-19

Venting out his frustration that a sick nurse was still working and thus passed the virus to his grandmother, the ‘5 O’Clock’ spitter exclaims on Twitter, ‘Wtf is wrong with ppl man?!’

AceShowbizT-Pain needs some explanation after his grandmother tested positive for COVID-19. Blaming a nurse for passing the virus to his 97-year-old grandma, the rapper has vented his frustration over the matter on Twitter.

Making use of his account on the blue bird application, the star, whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm, first revealed, “Bro…… my 97 year old grandma….. is in the hospital alone… with Covid…… that she got…… FROM HER F**KIN NURSE!!!!” Seemingly angry, he continued, “Man [facepalm emoji] Wtf is wrong with ppl man?! Pls yall. Just explain it to me! Just help us end this s**t pls ppl.”

When one assumed that “the nurse was vaccinated and asymptomatic so clearly had no clue they had covid,” the rapper argued, “She was not asymptomatic. She was sent home and the hospital had to contact every patient she had come in contact with.”

He also appeared to respond to those who suggested that his grandmother could have gotten the virus from another individual. “Gma got tested when she got there and was negative. Then positive after the nurse was sent home. There’s no agenda. Ppl are a**holes,” he added.

T-Pain revealed his grandmother’s diagnosis on Sunday evening, October 3. He has not updated fans on his grandmother’s condition, but many have sent their prayers for his grandma’s speedy recovery.

“God please cover his granny with your grace and mercy,” one fan wrote. “Let not one cell in her body be harmed. Give her immune system strength to fight of the effects of COVID-19, delta or whatever strain she has. I. Jesus name Amen.”

Another commented, “May God Bless his grandmother to recover.” A third prayed, “Bless his grandma. It would be a miracle to survive it at 97.” Another added, “Praying for a quick recovery!” Someone else reminded, “You can’t blame people for spreading the COVID tho,” before sharing her/his well wish, “I hope she gets well soon.”

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