The Apprentice’s new secretary revealed as arm amputee Ashley Young

The Apprentice has debuted a new secretary for the latest series of the BBC's business reality TV show, and she has been revealed as arm amputee Ashley Young.

Ashley, 26, was born with the lower part of her right arm missing, and she's over the moon she's landed her first big acting role on The Apprentice.

The actress and TV star is also a dancer, and when the stunning brunette star was revealed as the show's latest secretary and receptionist during last week's episode, fans were thrilled.

Ashley was forced to keep the news under wraps ahead of the launch, but she completed filming the series last summer.

The TV star was booked via Zebedee Management, which is a specialist talent agency designed to help increase representation of those with disabilities and differences that have often struggled to get roles in the industry.

Ashley first joined the agency in January 2019.

She made the career move after getting married and deciding to move to East London after five years living and working in Florida.

During her gig in the US, she was a parade performer and scare actor at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Despite never working as a receptionist or playing one in her life before, she was immediately put at ease by Lord Alan Sugar and the contestants on the show.

“Everyone on the show was really lovely and it was like working in a big family. I filmed the boardroom scenes between June and the end of August," the star told the Mirror. “I’ve not worked as a receptionist before and this was my first acting role with a speaking part so I was quite nervous at first.

"Luckily they gave me a whole wardrobe of business clothes to wear.

“When I first had to take the boardroom call from Lord Sugar I was very nervous and sweating as all the contestants were looking at me, but I soon got used to it and relaxed."

The star added she hopes now she's had her break in the industry she will keep getting more and more opportunities.

She also wants to do more reality TV as time goes on.

I’m very excited to have got the part, it’s the biggest job I have done," she told the publication. "My dream is to one day appear on Strictly."

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